“Constant washing my hands makes them very dry and the chemicals I handle all day certainly doesn’t help. I liked the Live Clean hand creams. The fragrance is awesome and it lasts forever. I put it on my hands after my shower and before I go to bed and when I wake up my hands still smell fresh. It keeps my hands soft and when I used them regularly the grease washes off my hands easier. It’s kind of like an invisible glove.” – Louie, licensed automotive technician

“I’m a partner at a Construction Company. I use hand tools and I work with wood, concrete and I install ceramic tile. As a result, my hands take a beating and are often very dry and irritated. I used the Live Clean Hand Cream collection for a few weeks and I’m really happy with the products. My hands immediately feel smooth and moisturized, and the effects of the workday are immediately minimized. ” – Brian, Vice President, CIOCAN Homes

“Congratulations on your success! I hope you continue to grow. More Canadians need this option of affordable, quality, healthy products.”

“I love Live Clean, especially the Argan Oil. I have life-threatening allergies to a lot of artificial scents. I picked up Live Clean on a whim in the pharmacy because it felt safe to me and I am so glad I did!”

I just adore your products - I couldn't believe I finally found affordable vegan products at my drugstore! And they outperform brands that cost much more. Continued success, Live Clean!”

“I just LOVE your Moroccan line! After being introduced to argan oil by my hairdresser I find it the best line of products on the market.”

“We love, love, love your products and have just recently stumbled onto them. Thank you for making a product that is eco-friendly, natural and even, making Baby Products. Did I say, we LOVE Live Clean?!!? Thank you again and keep making great products here in CANADA!”

“I’ve been using your shampoo and conditioner for a few months now. I’ve tried a few different kinds and they are all great! It’s hard to find an eco-friendly, cruelty free product that is reasonably priced AND produces great results. Way to go!”

“The Live Clean Argan Oil line has transformed my hair! With organic, Paraben/Phthalate/Phosphate Free, SLS/Sulfate Free/DEA Free ingredients you can't go wrong!!”

“I love your Purple Jewel shampoo and conditioner! Lots of products out there say they will help wave definition, but yours actually does! Thank you!”

“Love the non-petroleum jelly & fragrance free cream. As someone who's recently been diagnosed with an sensitivity to scented products - these two products are amazing!”

“Hi, I've been using your Green Earth and Fresh Water shampoos and conditioners for some time. I'd just like to say thank-you for making a quality, environmentally friendly, organic, vegan, not tested on animals, Canadian product in a recyclable package! Thanks!”

“I usually don't take the time to do things like this, but I have been SO happy with your product that I felt compelled to write and tell you about it. I have been dying my hair for about 15 years now and so far, I have not come across a colour care shampoo that has not only held my colour for almost three months now, but has kept it shiny as well. I must admit, I was skeptical and hesitant to purchase it at first, since it is eco-friendly. I was thinking, "Ya right, we'll see... " Was I wrong. I have tried numerous colour care shampoos, from the drug-store $4.99 shampoos to the salon $20.00 plus ones and not one of them have given me the lasting results that your Pink Fire colour care shampoo has. AND it smells INCREDIBLE. I try to buy natural and eco-friendly products as often as I can, so this is great. Thanks again!”

“Hi there. I recently discovered Live Clean hand soaps and purchased them for the reasons any sane person would, biodegradable, natural ingredients etc. AND my main one, it's Canadian - that was very important to me. The hand soaps left my hands so soft and not dry at all - no lotion afterwards was necessary. I must look for the shampoos now as well!!”

“Just wanted to send a note telling you how much I like your hair and body products. I orginally purchased Live Clean shampoo and conditioner to use only at our cottage, because of environmental concerns, but found that we loved them so much that we're using them exclusively.”

Conservation Tip
Microwaving your food can save 50% of energy versus using a conventional oven plus in the summer time it keeps the heat down.
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